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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nelly Explains Stuff: Sophmore Year

As of yesterday, I have completed my seventh day of tenth grade. After seven days, I think I've gotten the hang of it. Thought it will take me a while to not think of myself as a freshman. Here's what I've learned so far.
  1. Being a sophmore gives you the right to throw annoying freshman boys off your table at lunch. This may seem cruel, but it's his own freshman fault for sitting at a table full of sophmore girls in the first place. Stupid kid.
  2. Sophmore English is just Freshman English with a little more "American's Rock" stuff thrown in. I'm not kidding, I'm in honors level English and we're still doing "What makes an American?"
  3. Mrs. Supple (the sophmore health teacher) is the most frightening yet amusing person I have ever met. Her class is histerical, but my God I'm terrified of her! She has this intimidating presence...I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
  4. No one ever guess that you're a sophmore. If you're tall, they thing you're a junior, if you're short they think you're a freshman, if you're average height they think you're either one or the other, but very rarely does anyone EVER say anything like "you're a sophmore right?"
  5. No matter how great your school is, sophmores must always complain about it. The freshman are all too intimidated to speak any ill of their new home, the juniors are too busy to care, and the seniors figure they're getting out soon. It's up to the sophmore class to notice every little flaw in how the school is run. Wether it's "There's too much traffic" or "The lunch line is too long" or even "Look at the scratch at the wall! It's the administration's fault!!" I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I do it too (the lunch line does take TOO LONG to get through, trust me)
  6. Sophmore are omnipotent. That's right, we know everything. Wether it's what teachers are good or bad, or where the health office is, we know everything! Even though my town just built a new school, so no one knows where they're going, the sophmores know still know everything. It's true, I know where you live.
  7. Geometry is a hell of a lot better then algebra. I know I'm only seven days into it, but I can actually follow this type of math, unlike algebra (which was a nightmare I almost failed) There's some algebra in it, but it's algebra I can handle. Really.
  8. Sophmores still have to take the bus. I didn't have to last year, as I lived so close to my school I could just walk. But this year, with the new school, I have to take the bus. I despise the bus, it's the most appalling mode of transportation one can ever ride in their lifetime. Granted, it's not quite as crowded as my bus back in middle school was, but I still don't like riding it. Plus, it doesn't drop me off until a little after three, meaning there's no one to pick up my sister at her school. A predicament, yes?
  9. There is SOOOO much more science homework in sophmore year then in freshman year. For Monday, I have to read 6 pages, do 6 questions and summerize it, do a 4 page graph packet and write a one page paper on what I observed while nature walking on Thursday. That's just one night of homework, for one class only! And over the weekend! You want to know what I saw on that nature walk? Mushrooms. Many colored mushrooms. How can one write an entire paper on mushrooms? Who knows?
  10. Surviving freshman year was quite a feat, now that you've done that, teachers tend to trust you a bit more. If you're late to class and you tell them it's because your bus is apallingly slow and was late, they beleive you. Freshman year, I couldn't have gotten away with that even if I did take the bus.
All and all, I'm quite liking sophmore year. It's far better then my first seven days of freshman year, where I was almost immediatly told I was failing math and my science homework was incomprehensible. Also, last in year in English we spent almost the entire first half of the year on personal narratives (so much time in fact, that I started to run out of personal experiences to write about. I'm really quite boring when you think about it) This year, though we're still on the whole "What Makes an American" topic, I know for a fact we're going to do other stuff. Maybe swith units before next semester?

A word to all you freshman out there, hang in there, it gets better. :)

Adeus Everybody! (That's suppose to mean goodbye in Portugese, don't blame me blame Bable Fish)


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