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Friday, September 29, 2006

How To Scare People For a Living

So recently, as in last Saturday, I was hired by Haunted Acres. Haunted Acres, for all those many readers I have that don't live in Southern New Hampshire, is a ginormous haunted house and "haunted walk" that is set up every year at the New England Dragway. It used to be set up at Pine Acres Campground in Raymond, hence the name "Haunted Acres", but has since expanded and moved on to the dragway.

Basically what happened was, I was scouring the internet for some Halloween related thing to do this October and decided to check the Haunted Acres website. At the botton there was this ad: "Always wanted a carrer in Hollywood (but couldn't becuase you live in Southern New Hampshire), like scaring people, and not afraid of the dark? Have we got a job for you!" Naturally, it was not something I could just pass up. I have no plays going right now, which for an actor is not a good place to be in, and since my next audition isn't until November, I figured this is as close as I was going to get at doing something acting related so I don't go crazy until November.

Basically, though I'm not sure yet since we haven't had our first rehersal, my job is to jump out and scare people. That's right, I am that desperate that I have decided to dress up in funny costumes, put on scary make-up and scare people every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the end of October. It's a living.

The down side of course is that my October is now gone. I'm working both Halloween night and the night before (which here in New Hampshire is trick-or-treat night, since we're weird here) so I'll miss out on both of those. My four day weekend next week has been redused to a one day weekend since I'm taking that Saturday off for family matters (I'll talk about them when we get closer) No Halloween parties for me! I'm a working woman!

So, save me some candy and a pumpkin shaped cookie this October, and I'll mention you in the Blog. Anyone who can send me the most "Halloweenish" type thing that I'm going to miss by being in Haunted Acres will win a fabulous prize that I have yet to think of. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Hauntings!