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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Early Morning Sun

Where is it? People are always talking about how beautiful the early morning sun is, it's currently 6:22 AM, and I see no sun. Why am I up so early you might ask? It's not after Labor Day yet, she can't possibly be starting school, not if she lives in New England.

New Hampshire is stupid. I am in fact starting school on August 29, today.

Although, there are many redeaming qualities to New Hampshire. Our state motto, Live Free or Die!, is a bit threatening, but we're really nothing to fear. We're mostly just Southern Maine, with some more granite. Of course Vermont technically has more granite then us, but don't tell anyone!! It's the only thing we have to our name!

So today I start school, or rather in 15 min. I start school. We have three days of good, wholesome education, and then it's intterupted for a four day Labor Day weekend. Go figure. It was even worse last year when we had one day and then the four day weekend. Most schools in New England (except maybe Rhode Island, I don't really know much about you down there, you're too small to find anything about) wouldn't dare start before Labor Day. However, New Hampshire is extremely good at "breaking the mold" from what other states like to do up here. Our vacations are different, we often won't get Columbus Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. Half the time we're stuck going back to school January 2, the day after a huge party (that's the Holiday Break of course)

God New Hampshire is wierd.

It's officially 6:30 now, meaning I have to go get my stuff together so I can leave by 6:40. My cousin Miriam in Maine...sleeping right now. Her state is sane. She doesn't start until next Tuesday. Viva la Maine.

I hate New Hampshire.

I really do.

Goodbye, Good Morning actually.


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