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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Time Warp Trio: A Review

Hello all! I have interesting news to report. It's something that has changed the course of my entire life lately. I now have to plan my entire day around it.

My seven year old sister had gotten me hooked on Time Warp Trio.

That's right, I said Time Warp Trio. For those in the dark, it's a show on Discovery Kids TV at 6:30 and 7:30pm. For a kids show, it's suprisinly well written and far more historically acurate then most. The animation is VERY good, I think it was done on Micromedia Flash, and it's overall a very entertaining show.

The premise is cool in itself. It's about these three boys, Joe, Fred, and Sam who travel through time with this magic book that Joe was given, on his birthday, by his strange magician uncle. Now I know you might be thinking "hey, this sounds like that other thing she told us she was obsessed with..." Doctor Who? Well, I know what I like. I aparently have a fetish for shows involving Time Travel. Go figure.

Anyway, the cool part about the show, is Joe. His overall goal is to become a magician, and initially isn't very good at it. What's cool though, is that he proves himself on occastion to be very good at the whole "Time Warper" thing. I like Joe. He's a cool dude. He did this thing one time where he waved his hand and spoke all slow and mysterious and went "slow" and managed to slow down this arrow that was headed strait for Fred. It was really cool!

I don't think I have any huge complaints about the show. Usually in these reviews there's at least one thing that bugs me. I guess Time Warp Trio is pure perfection in my eyes. Like Doctor Who.

So I guess this was more of a rant then an actual review. I'd write more, but it's about to come one. I can't beleive I'm hooked on a kids show. Oh well, could be worse. It could be Tutenstien.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,


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