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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


You may have noticed I haven't posted in a while, and beleive me there's a very simple reason for that. Since last Monday I've been at UNH (University of New Hampshire) at the Summer Youth Music School (cleverly abreviated as SYMS, pronounced like "Sims") It's kind of like going to summer school, but with less actuall school work. You get to live in the dorms for two weeks and use the AWSOME dining hall. It's actually pretty cool.

Oh, and for the record I'm still there. Like, I'm typing this on some computer in an internet cafe. Just thought you'd like to know that...whoever you are.

Anyway, I'm rooming with my friend Emily which is fun. My first summer at SYMS I roomed with a complete stranger who ended up ditching me everyday to go hang out with her own friends. I kind of wonder why she didn't just room with her friend, since her friend ditched her roommate to hang out with mine. Go figure. The next year (last year) I roomed with my friend Valerie who opted not to return as it was discovered she HATED the intrument she was majoring in. That was MUCH better then the first year, a lot nicer to have someone to talk to on my way to breakfast in the morning. Aparently, Valerie liked being at SYMS a lot better then actually playing her instrument here. I can kind of understand thing though, as her instrument is a giant drum. Try lugging a giant drum to five classes all scattered around the UNH campus. Not fun.

And now there's Emily. Emily and I have a very interesting friendship. Don't get me wrong, we're really good friends, it's very fun to hang out with her, but we have a tendency to argue over EVERYTHING. Sometimes the arguments are amusing, and sometimes they end in near tears. We usually manage to stick things out though. The point is though, there was some initial concern with the two of us sharing a room for two strait weeks in the heat (it's 102 degrees here today) I can safely say however, that we have managed to survive with all of our limbs in tact. (Although I cut myself on her mirror yesterday morning, I was gushing blood and we had to call the RA. It was totally my fault though, since I'm the one that broke it) No incredibly huge fight has happened, other then usual frequent annoyed banter. We only have three out of five classes together, so it's not like we're in eachother's faces all the time. Life's been good here.

Of course through all my years at SYMS (except my first, which I don't consider quite cannon) there's been Krisjar. I met Krisjar during concert chior last year, when we were forced to sit next to eachother in the Soprano section. Neither of us can quite remember the exact moment we became friends, but it happened at some point last July. She's a bit like me, a bit hyper, somewhat eccentric, and majors in voice every year. She was a great friend to me last year, especially since Valerie wasn't in virtually any of my classes. However, I had my own group of friends and she had hers, so we really didn't get all that close outside of choir and theory.

This year, I walked into the dining hall for the first time with Emily and she greeted me with a "HI NELLY!!!! Do you remember who I am?" To be perfectly honest, I didn't remember who she was at first. I knew she had been that girl I was friends with during choir, but I couldn't remember anything else, like her name for instance. I went to introduce her to Emily by saying something like "Emily this is...?" Thankfully she finished it for me. This year we've gotten a lot closer, she's been almost like a second roommate to me. Krisjar's never had that much luck with roommates, last year she layed eyes on her roommate once, and after the first day came back to find that she had misteriously dissapeared. This year, her roommate is a short, skinny girl with strait brown hair and a sort of "preppy" look to her. Kristjar has dubbed her "scarey" and tries to spend as little time as possible with her. Quite honsetly I think Krisjar's roommate is very nice, she even likes Starwars.

With the help of Kristjar, Emily and I managed to form a rather large gang of friends within the first hour of our being there. The three of us sat down at a table in the dining hall, and within seconds Kayla, a girl Kristjar had met earlier, came over and sat down too. Emily went to go look for napkins and came back with someone named Rachel who she had met in the New Hampshire State Youth Chorus. I went up to get more coke from the soda machine, and found Ann from the school band at school. That was the main group from then on, though a few other people have joined. We met a tall girl with brown hair who refused to tell us what her name was. I of course immediatly assumed that she didn't have a name and was in fact just a figment of our imaginations. Nonetheless, we threatened her at one point to tell us what her name was or we'd call her "Dr. Spock" for the next two weeks. She didn't comply, and Emily dubbed her "SPOCKA!!!" But it's not just "Spocka" you have to say it as if you were about to attack someone, this proved a bit too difficult for me so I've just been callin her "Figment" Even now, when we know what her name is (Shauni) we still call her that.

Another somewhat interesting addition to our happy circle of friends, was a guy named Tom. We had a murder mystery party last Sunday, out in front of the dorms, and a bunch of us were killing time before it started by playing "Go Fish" in front of the dining hall. We were all dressed like our murder mystery characters, and Krisjar's happened to be a Goth limo driver. When it was my turn I turned to her and said, "So, my gothy friend..." and just as I said it this guy walked past and turned his head. He's been hanging out with us ever since, he even took the extra character we needed for the party. In getting to know him, it became quite apparent that he and Kristjar were hitting it off. They were SO much alike it was scary. At one point they would burst out in the same commment at the same time. It was almost as if they were the same person...

Me being me of course, immediatly began coming up with theories as to why they were so incredible alike. My original thought was that he was secretly her brother or something, but that was shoved out the window for something more realistic, like that he is Kristjar but from another dimension. The possiblity that he was Kristjar from a Bizzaro planet also came up, leading us to start calling him "Bizzaro Krisjar" or just simply "Bizzaro". What kind of relationship the two of them have, is currently unknown but I would like to take the opportunity to state that she does have a boyfriend.

So other then the people, and out of class "goings ons" this year is pretty much the same as last year, only longer. My classes are fun, but long. I still have to get up at six EVERY morning to get to breakfast and convocation at eight. The only major difference is that unlike last year, no one got their hand crunched in an elevator and made her roommate suffer and emotional shock, forcing her to go home. Nothing like that this year. Though my roommate gave us all the plauge (or an awful cold that felt like it was the plauge) forcing us to miss classes on Friday. But it could be worse. This year I have a DVD player, a giant fan, and a mini fridge in my dorm room so life is pretty much good right now.

Oh, and before I sign off, I would just like to take this oppurtunity to say that the dining hall here is AMAZING!! Everykind of food you could want and more! I love it! If you ever get the chance to eat at the Holloway Commons Dining Hall, do it. It's incredible.

I'll return on Saturday, and shortly afterwards will post a more in depth report of my stay here.

See you Sunday!

*Nelly* (Coming to you from the UNH internet cafe)

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