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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Three Moons Over Millford: A Review

So the other day (I don't quite remember which day, it's summer you know?) I had the pleasure of catching what may or may not have been the premiere of Three Moons Over Millford. I say that because I've been gone for two weeks so they could have premiered it earlier, I wouldn't know.

My God, I hope the moon stays in tact. I always imagined the end of the world would be a bit more...frantic. The characters on the show choose to simply go about their daily lives and live life to the fullest as opposed to panicing, a good philosophy if you ask me. The term "the sky is falling" is given new meaning on this show, as the characters calmy await their impending doom.
The main premise of the show is that the moon has been hit by an asteriod (sp?) and has now split apart into three main peices with slightly smaller peices falling to Earth at random moments. The smaller falling peices, dubbed "moon chunks", have been incorperated into society. Of course, at some point in the near future for the characters, the moon is going to completely break apart, falling to Earth and destroying us all. Different people take the news differently, and the show focuses on how different people in the small town of Millford react.

On one hand, we have the seemingly mild mannared Davis family, teenagers Alex and Lydia living with their mother Laura. The family are newcomers to Millford, having moved their for buisness purposes involving their father. The father, ends up completely ditching the family so he can go climb mountains before the world ends. For some reason, this means that by the end of the first episode, the Davis family has gone from riches to rags in an hour. While Laura tries to deal with her husband's departure and the family's impending impoverishment, the teenagers get into their own amount of trouble. Alex, ends up accidentally getting romantically involved with 30-year-old Claire Ling. She thinks he's on a break from colledge, Alex having done the typical TV teenager thing and lied about his age. Lydia, in what is probably one of the most unique and amusing plots to the show, ends up burning down her school which practicing witchcraft. In her defence, she was trying to get the moon back to together. It was on Wicca.com.

Then there's this Mack guy. It's so completely obvious that he and Laura are going to have something going on in the future. Even though, some girl he used to know has just made contact with him again, it's going to end up that he and Laura pursue some kind of a relationship. No doubt, he will eventually have to decide between the two women, in a plot that reminds me incredibly of Gilmore Girls. Mack's plot isn't all bad though. The sub-plot with his mother buying him a trip around the world because she's distraught that he's never been anywhere and the world's about to end, is funny. The fact that he doesn't want to except the trip, and would rather spend the end of his days in the same town he's never left is an amusing twist as well. It's like the anti-George Baily.

All and all, the show is really good. It's a creative way of viewing the end of the world. The show focuses more on character development then plot, though that might change as more episodes air. The acting is also quite good. Much better then the recently reviewed Kyle XY. None of the actors seem like they're pushing their character, which is nice. It's a very funny, quirky, apocolyptic show.

10/10 - I hope it turns out ok for Millford.

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