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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Revenge of Nelly

I'm back!! Actually, I've been back for several days now, I've just been too lazy to post. I got back at around five on Saturday only to discover that most of my house had been ripped apart or moved in my absence. That's right, in the two weeks I was gone my parents decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to move the family to the living room and literally rip apart the family room. So now, the formerlly clean, nice, quiet living room (which we never really used) is covered in my seven year old sister's toys and a TV set. And the family room is a dusty, carpetless mess with no electricity.

Though for what it's worth, the floor underneath the family room's disgusting carpet is quite nice. It's a bright wooden floor, like the kind in my room (which I've always liked). So really, the dustyness aside, it's actually a vast improvment on the original.

My house being almost entirley different is just one of a few major changes in the world since I've been gone. Going away for two weeks and then coming back is somewhat of a shock, it's like I'm re-aquainting myself with the world. Here's a list of the all important things I've noticed have changed since I've been gone.

1.) ABC Family changed their layout and their slogan! The font they use is all different and what is with that whole "a different kind of family" thing? I mean, it's true they show many things on that channel I wouldn't dare show on a "family" network (there's a certain episode of Kyle XY that proves that, fans should know what I'm talking about) but please, they're not that different, it's still a Disney owned company.

2.) I have completely lost track of Kyle XY. From what I've heard, there's been a billion revelations about his past and a million new characters, and I don't know about any of them. My parents were suppose to record the two episodes I missed for me, but it apears that I am the only one who knows how to use the DVD recorder as the DVD they sent me was blank.

3.) The BBC has announced when they are going to air Torchwood more or less. Not that this makes a bit of difference to me since I live in the US and not England, but I can still catch it on YouTube probably. I have my ways...or rather my friend Casey has her ways...

4.) YouTube's layout is somewhat different too, it's harder to search for specific things I've found. Of course, that could just me being wierd.

I think that might actually be it. It all seemed fairly big when I first got back, but writing them down here makes it all look fairly trivial. Maybe I should spice my list up a bit...

5.) While I was gone, researcher's from a sercret intelignece taskforce discovered my friend Valerie's long lost brother Perry. He had been living on the second floor of thier garage and had been planning to murder her father by hijacking the Hood Blimp. Thankfully though, the taskforce managed to capture him at the Hood factory in Maine and finally expose the truth to Valerie's family. Unfortunetly, as soon as the truth was exposed, he escaped again. His current whereabouts are unknown. However, the Hood Blimp is safe. This is all that matters.

True story. Really. Maybe. Sort of.

I'll let you figure that one out. Anyway, the point is that I'm back, safe and sound from UNH's Summer Youth Music School. I managed to survive two weeks without once being thrown into the white hot pit of flaming asparagus or anything. All and all, it was extremely fun. This was my first time being at SYMS for two weeks, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm definitly going back next year.

I suppose I should go now, since I should technically be finishing this story I'm writing about a girl who ends up at a music school. I wonder where I got that idea...I won't go there.

So long!


P.S - Do you hear the people sing? (only a few people will get this)

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