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Monday, March 09, 2009

Of Letters And Plushies

Psst...I’m not dead!

Once again, I have managed to ignore my Blog for a rather unbelievable amount of time….or, like a month. Really, I’ve failed to update for far longer, but I actually got a complaint this time, so I figured I should probably get my act together and throw something mildly interesting up.

So here it is.

What have I been up to in my rather-long-but-not-really-all-that-long absence? Well, a lot has, in fact, happened, to the point where I think I started avoided posting purely because there was so much to say. So, because I’m lazy, here’s a nice little list of my life since my rather vague and not particularly noteworthy Yu-Gi-Oh entry:

1.)Joseph And The Amazingly Long Title – Despite nearly three quarters of the cast falling ill over the course of one tech week, the play managed to turn out to be pretty freaking awesome. I mean, I hope it was awesome, It was unbelievably fun to do, and even now, a month later, I still miss it. It was the play that sort of restored my confidence in myself, which I had pretty much lost over the course of the school year. I mean, it did for a little while, then I lost it again, regained it again, lost it again, and eventually sort of got it back enough to write a relatively pointless blog entry. But we’ll get to that later.

2.)The Emo Notebook of Death – I managed to become addicted to Death Note over the course of my vacation. I read all twelve volumes in four days, then I started watching the anime, and now I really want an L plushie. Or a Ryuk plushie. But that’s mainly so I can claim I have a stuffed Japanese death god. Seriously, how cool would that be?

3.)I Attempt to Take Manhattan – And ultimately, I fail. Basically, I ran out of time and my Marymount audition suffered. I had only one song, a monologue that was woefully unrehearsed, and a completely random inability to dance which is especially odd since I did take ten years of dance…but anyway, it didn’t really work out. I got into the school itself, though, which was also odd considering my grades are rather atrocious. Despite this, this would be the moment my confidence died. Again.

4.)Very Something Auburn Hair – In my utter despair at not getting into the Marymount drama department, I fled to my friend Natasha’s (freaking out my parents, who apparently thought I had gone to jump off a bridge or something) I would like to publicly thank Natasha for putting up with me, and for giving me an alternative to jumping off a bridge; dying my hair. Yes! No longer am I the blond I have been for the past two years, I am now “Very something Auburn” (We can’t quite remember what the actual color is…) All and all, I’m not sure about it. I like the color, Natasha did a fantastic job dying it, no one’s told me it looks ridiculous yet, but…maybe I just need to get used to it. A part of me misses the blond. A part of me now wants to dye my hair green. Go figure.

5.)Safety School Reject – Around this time, I discovered that my safety school, U Maine Orono, which two of my cousins go to, both my parents went to, half my aunts and uncles went to, really the school I had more connections to than any one person without billions of dollars should have had decided they didn’t want me. Despite having been technically accepted academically to my top choice “reach” school that all odds said I shouldn’t have been able to get into, this still managed to make me feel more than a bit inadequate.

6.)Disney Musicals Are Surprisingly Cool – Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I managed to catch The Little Mermaid on Broadway. Why isn’t this further up on the list near the rest of my New York trip? I forgot. Anyway, it turns out that despite my initial reluctance to see yet another movie turned into a musical (seriously, they have a Shrek the Musical, Shrek the freaking Musical!) it turned out to be really good. The sets were amazing, the different ways they managed to convey being underwater…it was just really cool to watch. And I want to play Ursula. Like, really. Really, really. Really, really, really. So…um, there.

7.)Epic Existential Crisis Is Epic – Meanwhile, my internal crisis apparently dubbed “existential” by my cousin Miriam continues to be annoying. Seriously, as light hearted as I’m making it sound, I was fairly depressed for about a week or so there, especially after the Marymount thing…which was then followed by the whole Orono thing. I was just generally not feeling particularly great about myself. I was pretty sure I was terrible at everything; anything I used to think I was even remotely good at I decided I had been wrong about. It was basically an extension of the lack of confidence I’d had for most of the school year, but randomly magnified.

8.)Facebook Experiences This Blog – I finally got around to uploading this Blog to my Facebook profile. Not really a big feat, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

9.)Red-haired Wonder Woman – Around this time, school started up again, and with school came auditions for the senior play. Fortunately, I rather miraculously had enough time to do it, unfortunately, the audition was entirely improv games. I don’t usually mind improv games, I’m somewhat decent at them in general, but when I’m in school, with the rest of the school’s drama department watching me, I’m more than a bit useless. Really, it was terrible. I just…I don’t know what it is, I just freeze up. Somehow, I did manage to get a part, I’m Queen Amazane of the island of Amazonia…basically, I’m Wonder Woman. I don’t show up till the very end of the play, but I get to be an Amazon queen, so it’s still pretty awesome. Unfortunately, because I’m an idiot, this did nothing to help my lack of self-esteem, and I briefly slipped back into my emo/existential crisis/WTF mindset.

10.)The Impossible Begins – Casey gets accepted into Johnson and Wales with a $5,000 scholarship! As a culinary arts student, this is apparently the equivalent of getting into Harvard. She had previously only applied to see if she could get in, not actually expecting to, and was planning on simply framing the letter if she did. However, SHE GOT IN!!! =D =D It was a truly epic moment, like really. CONGRATULATIONS CASEY!!

11.)The Impossible Continues – Shortly after Casey’s EPIC NEWS OF EPICNESS, or at least, about ten hours later, I happened to receive a small, thin letter from Hofstra University. Expecting it to be some sort of rejection letter, or yet another letter alerting me that they had received my transcripts, I rather uncaringly opened it while my parents were watching 80’s music videos. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was not a rejection letter, or another pointless transcript alert, but an award.

Yes, somehow I have managed to receive a $5000 academic scholarship to Hofstra University.

ZOMG WTF???!!!!!


*lots and lots of excited jumping and things falling over*

So, basically, despite all the angst, and the emo-ness, and the existential crisis, and the rejection, and the acceptance, and the continued rejection, and the singing mermaids, and killer notebooks, and the Amazon queens, and the spontaneous red hair, and the continued lack of a Japanese death god plushie, I have, in fact, gotten into college.

I’M GOING TO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s where I’ve been. =D

Till next time,


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Anonymous said...

Weeaaaauuughhh! Congratulations on the scholarship! Can't wait to see you and your red hair this weekend!