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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Delaying Tomorrow

Right, so I have vast, unending amounts of homework I should be doing, so naturally I’m completely ignoring it to watch something stupid. I won’t mention what stupid thing I’m watching, exactly, but anyone that knows me well enough will know it’s one of two things they may or may not be thinking.

…that whole paragraph made a lot more sense in my head.

Anyway, I spent the weekend in a car, which despite being sort of uncomfortable was a hell of a lot more interesting than watching Gundam SEED. It basically consisted of my mother and myself desperately trying to navigate through three different states in an attempt to get to Massapequa, only to discover the complete lack of turn signals on Long Island. We also discovered that pretty much all roads end up leading to Jones Beach, but that no amount of obscure modern swing music can disguise how unbelievably lost you are. Especially in Long Island. Because everything is more confusing in Long Island.

It was Admitted Students Day at Hofstra where they basically gather us all into a big room and try to impress us with their powerpoint skills. This is followed by an actual information panel, in which they congratulate you, try to confuse you, scare you, make you feel all proud of yourself, scare you again, show you some video which is supposed to inspire you to “find your edge” and then finally, mercifully, tell you where the bathrooms are.

It was here my ADD started to kick in and I found myself desperately wanting to doodle on the official Hofstra memo pad they gave us in our official Hofstra backpacks. I’m not sure why I didn’t, as they did include an official Hofstra pen as well as plenty of official Hofstra promotional material with pictures of official Hofstra students to draw equally official Hofstra mustaches on. I guess I was trying to behave.

So then I decided it would be nice to actually learn something about what I intend to study, as the focus of Hofstra appears to be on the Honors College which I am not only painfully under qualified for, but also completely and utterly uninterested in. So I trudged across campus to a random building next to a parking lot which turned out to house this really nice little black box theater on the second floor. The theater department seemed really nice, lots of friendly people, but who weren’t afraid to not sugar coat exactly how challenging, not just the program, but the field itself really is. I have a feeling I’m going to like the department a lot, and considering all my misgivings about life in general as of late, it was nice to have a good feeling about where I was going.

After some rather extensive navigation in which I managed to find every building on campus except the one I was looking for, I eventually managed to reunite with my mother. This was after I was hounded by about three different sororities and a group of sports players (I’m not sure exactly what sport they represented…lacrosse, maybe?) all of which I managed to somehow escape from fairly quickly. It’s a very aggressive school, Hofstra. It seems likes there’s someone trying to recruit you around every possible corner. I suppose that’s normal, for a college, but still…I’m already going there, do they really need to try and convince me further?

Oh look, it’s already midnight. I don’t really want to go to sleep yet because I don’t really want tomorrow to come anytime soon. Again, I did absolutely none of my piles of homework due tomorrow, and despite the fact that I have almost three free periods, I’m unbelievably lazy. Chances are, I’ll try to get some work done but end up talking to my friends and doing nothing. I have so much due and nothing done, and well…why would I want it to be tomorrow? I know I can’t really stop tomorrow coming by not sleeping, and I realize I’ll eventually have to deal with the fact that I’m an unbelievable procrastinator who would rather watch stupid YouTube videos than actually do what I’m supposed to do. I know I’ll have to face up to it all, but for the moment, I’m good just sitting here and enjoying the bit of my weekend that wasn’t spent sitting in a car.

Also, I’d like to publicly state, once again, that I am not interested in Twilight. I realize that I’m a teenage girl, and that every law of the universe states that I should want to have Edward Cullen’s babies, but…I don’t. I thought the constantly being asked if I wanted to pre-order the DVD would stop once the movie finally freaking came out, but now I’m just getting asked if I want to buy it right at that moment. I mean, honestly, if I really wanted to buy Twilight right at that moment, don’t you think I would be buying Twilight and not the Doctor Who book I’ve clearly got in my hand, with the money to pay for it right in front of you. Seriously, I’m not stupid. I’m not so blinded by my undying love for Edward that I can’t find the unreasonably large Twilight display at the front of the store. If I really wanted it, I’d have it.

It’s one of those moments I really resent being in the target demographic.

So, now it’s nearly one and I’m still awake. I’m supposed to get up at five tomorrow, but I think I’ll sleep in an extra hour to get a grand total of five hours of sleep as opposed to four. I know, big difference, right? But my psychology class is keeping a sleep chart right now, where we’re supposed to record how many hours we sleep every night. I’m hoping five hours will look slightly better than four. Maybe.

I should probably stop Blogging and go to bed.

Night everyone,


[UPDATE: Ugh...it's two days later and I'm only just reading this again, I'm already into my third time at the edit button. Always proofread your entries before putting them up at one in the morning...]

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Anonymous said...

Amen to the Twilight thing.