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Monday, March 23, 2009

My Evening With Gundam

Yeah. That Gundam.

I recently had the interesting experience of being asked/told/forced to watch the first two disks of Gundam SEED, which is apparently the ninth incarnation of the Gundam series. That’s right, there are nine of these, and apparently, there’s more where that came from. They all sort of center around these giant battle robot things called, you guessed it, Gundams, which are used to fight various wars throughout the unbelievably long run of the series.

Basically, Gundam SEED goes like this:

  • Shy, genetically engineered college student Kira (not to be confused with “Kira” the murderer from Death Note) lives a peaceful life in some random neutral colony where they have apparently managed to remain blissfully unaware that an epic robot war is happening all around them.
  • Kira and his two friends, whose names I conveniently forgot, go to school only to discover that, yes, there is in fact an epic robot war going on, and that it has finally come to get them.
  • There is a lot of panicked running from robots, during which Kira spots some random girl in a hat, assumes she’s a guy, and decides to run through the warzone to go after her.
  • Her lack of hat suddenly reveals she’s a girl.
  • In a startling moment of rather fantastic sexism, Kira insists she be allowed to enter the shelter rather than him because she’s “just a girl,” despite her being around the same age as he is, if not older. Clearly, his testosterone gives him the power to defy giant robots.
  • Kira does a lot of running.
  • Kira finds a random woman in the rubble who immediately gets injured and drags him into a giant Gundam. Why she does this, we may never know.
  • The woman, despite apparently being a highly trained army officer, has trouble piloting the Gundam for no adequately explained reason, leaving Kira to pilot it in her place. Needless to say, he is inexplicably gifted at flying it.
  • Kira does some epic robot stuff, during which I wander off to get an apple. I believe there were explosions.
  • Meanwhile, in a completely different part of plot, there’s a bunch of people on a spaceship that looks suspiciously like the Death Star. Some woman with really short hair takes command, and some guy who I suspect to be the Phantom of the Opera tries to “feel” things. A good time is had by all.
  • Kira discovers that his long lost friend/lover/life partner Athrum has become a soldier for the opposite site of the war. The two must fight each other, but for some reason, don’t.
  • A lot of stock footage is thrown around, and Kira has a flashback.
  • Highly trained Earth officer woman goes psycho and insists that Kira and his nameless friends stay with her at all times since they’ve seen the Gundam. They are no longer allowed to leave where ever it is they are. Why she doesn’t just kill them, we may never know.
  • The giant robot does something.
  • More things explode.

And…um, that’s basically it. For now. I still have a two more episodes and a whole other disk to get through. God help me.

Watch out for the robot,


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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahah. Your plot summaries own.