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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I would just like to announce that my life has come one step closer to being complete. Today, while I was at the Fogler Shakespeare Library, as I was waiting for them to cut Shakespeare's birthday cake, who should appear but Sir Derek Jacobi.


Now, in case you're not aware who, exactly, Derek Jacobi is, I'll explain. Derek Jacobi is one of the single greatest Shakespearean actors EVER, and has also been a whole ton of other things, such as The Secret Garden, Gladiator, and of course, Doctor Who. He played Claudius in the Brannah version of Hamlet, and was absolutely, fantastically brilliant beyond all form of reason as Professor Yana/The Master in Doctor Who.

And I met him.

ZOMG!!! *bounces*

Well, okay...I'll admit. I didn't really meet him. But, I did stand three inches away from him, and I did speak to him. I was standing in with this huge crowd at the museum, when I suddenly looked to the side and noticed that Sir Derek Jacobi, THE MASTER/CLAUDIUS was standing right in front of me.

After a moment of complete and utter flailing around and generally being crazy and in shock, I took my camera out and took a few hundred pictures of him just so I could be sure it was really happening. Then he made his speech (which was priceless, very funny) and then recited some Shakespeare (I can't actually remember what passage it was, I was still in a state of shock...) and then he got escorted down the side of the building through the crowd.

Now, I just so happened to be standing at the very edge of the crowd, right next to the side of the building. So when he came down, I was literally within about three inches of him. Here's a complete script of our conversation as he stood next to me:

Me: .......hi.

Sir Derek FREAKING Jacobi: Hi.

It was epic. After that he got escorted away by a bunch of library employees. But still...


Anyway, that's my story for the day.




Anonymous said...


Nelly The Pretender said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Ophelia said...

I think I might be jealous.
Curse you, Nelly! I wanna be you!
You can take my boring life here in Washinton.

Anonymous said...

NELLY! UPDATE YOUR BLOG! I need something to read while my News Report in TV production class takes forever to convert to quick time! But, then again, this is my last class of TV production, seeing as this is my last day of HIGH SCHOOL EVER!!!!!