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Monday, April 14, 2008

Library Musings 3.0

So, I’m sitting in the library with my friend Rachel during chorus (or at least, I’m in chorus, I don’t know what class Rachel’s in, I think she’s got study hall…) and for lack of anything better to do, I figured I’d write a blog entry.

Rachel says hello, and would like to inform us that she is, in fact, in study hall.

She’s looking up home appliances for a business class project; she apparently has to come up with some kind of cost for a business she has to create…or something. Anyway, it looks pretty intense, as she’s glaring at the computer right now with that kind of all-consuming hatred rarely seen outside of murder-mystery-crime-dramas. It’s the kind of look you give someone right before you’re about to stab them in the chest. It’s either that or boredom.

Anyway, what to write about now? Two new episodes of Doctor Who, that’s pretty cool since they were both pretty awesome. I’ll probably write a long, involved, and somewhat sad entry about it midway through the series. In about…three weeks or so, I think. Yeah, it’ll be amazing, trust me.

In other news, I’ve just been cast as the villain in my theater class. We’re doing “The Chocolate War” except there’s only three guys and about seventeen girls, so we’ve reversed the genders of most of the characters and changed the setting to a girl’s prep school. My role was originally the evil “Archie Costello” but has now been changed to the equally evil “Audrey Costello” It’s pretty sweet. I get to do a lot of menacing pacing back and forth across the stage while orbiting this poor kid in the middle. I also get to eat chocolate in practically every seen. If I suddenly gain ten pounds before May, you’ll know why. Not that you’ll care, since you can’t see me, but that’s really not the point.

Let’s see…are there any other interesting things going on in my life right now…no, I think that’s about it. Doctor Who, The Chocolate War, Rachel in study hall…yep, that’s pretty much it. I didn’t have rehearsal for Mother Courage this week, since the Junior Rep Company was doing their show. We were all invited to the open dress rehearsal, but I couldn’t go. Typically, this wouldn’t be a problem, however, I forgot to tell Genevieve I couldn’t go, as did apparently everyone except three or four people, and the poor Junior Rep was left with no audience. They even held the show for us. Needless to say, we all got a very angry e-mail from Genevieve about it, which since I was already feeling guilty about it anyway, succeeded in making me feel a whole lot worse.

Luckily though, I deserve it. It really is rude to not tell someone you can’t come to something you’re expected to be at.

Rachel would like to tell us that life is alright. She also says “good times” but I’m not sure if she’s being sarcastic or not. I asked her if she had anything else she’d like to say, to which she responded, “Shopping for home appliances sucks.”

So true. And with these inspirational words of wisdom, I think I’ll bring this entry to a close. The librarians are looming, the end of the period is closing in, and I have to actually post this.

Talk to you later,



Anonymous said...

I swear this is the last time I ask... When is "Mother Courage and her Children"?

I'm just afraid it's prom weekend...Eugh..

Nelly The Pretender said...

Your wish is my command:

Fri, May 16 Performance 8 PM performance, 7 PM actors call

Sat, May 17 Performance 8 PM performance, 7 PM actors call

Sun, May 18 Performance 2 PM performance, 1 PM actors call

Fri, May 23 Performance 8 PM performance, 7 PM actors call

Sat, May 24 Performance 8 PM performance, 7 PM actors call

Sun, May 25 Performance 2 PM performance, 1 PM actors call

Nelly The Pretender said...

Oh, um...just ignore the whole "Actor's call" thing, I copied this off my rehearsal schedule, I guess I forgot to take that off...

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Anonymous said...

Kgot it. Beautiful. My Prom is nothing close to those dates. Meithinks I can make it!!!