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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

OMG, screw headers, this is far more exciting then...well, pretty much anything going on right now, apart from the whole prostitute thing. Anyway...

Squee! Torchwood! It's back, on TV only a week after they get it in the UK!! I swear, words can't possibly describe how excited I am for this, other then perhaps the words I used when Doctor Who started up again last March, but since I forgot to blog about that, this is really all I can say. SQUEE!!!!

And it's Spike from Buffy! Granted, I've only ever watched three episodes of Buffy in my entire life (one of them was the musical, very funny) but that's still exciting! I mean, him and Jack are kissing, how awesome is that? Although, they sort beat each other up right afterwards...but that's still cool too.

What really excites me about this scene though, because I'm a loser, is the camera angles. The way they've shot this has really improved since last season, if that clip is anything to go by. I love the bit where Jack and whoever that is are walking towards each other, just the camera shot is awesome.

And Ianto calls a cab! I don't know why that was cool, I like Ianto, so anything he gets to do is usually fun. He was horribly underused last season, just Cyberwoman, really, and the whole "you killed my girlfriend, now I'm going to snog you" thing from the finale. What was up with that anyway? I mean, we kind of already knew there was something going on between them with the whole "stopwatch" thing a few episodes before, but how do you go from having your girlfriend killed to snogging and quite possibly doing other things to the guy who killed her? Go figure. That's Torchwood.

Anyway, that's my fun Torchwood rant, and I would also like to point out that I mastered putting videos up! Yay! First a header, now a video, what will come next?

Cheers everyone,



Anonymous said...

I was hoping the other guy was the doctor. Guess who I am. :)

Amaya-Fire said...

That was quite possibly the most amazing thing ever. XD

Nelly The Pretender said...

Anonymous, I have no idea who you are, sorry :(

And Casey, woot, yes. That was amazing beyond all reason :D