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Thursday, January 03, 2008


So, 2007's done, in the bag, behind us, and now we have 2008 to look forward too. Hooray! Despite the fact that we're only three days into it, I have high expectations for this year. Even numbered years are always better for me, I think...or maybe that's even numbered grades...anyway, the point it, we all hope for a good year. My cousin Stephanie may think the apocalypse is coming this year, but then, I think she said that last year too.

So. Here we are then. Well, here you are, sitting in front of your computer, reading my blog. I, however, and sitting where I usually sit when I type up long, rambling entries, namely, in High School computer lab during chorus.

Ah yes, it's that time of year again. The time when nothing happens in chorus, after the holiday concert, but before the solo and ensemble one. Last year I was able to skip chorus every day straight for about two and a half months (January-late March) since I wasn't in the solo and ensemble concert. This year, since my name has apparently been put on the list of people who are interested, I might not be so lucky. But for the moment, I intend to enjoy this little bit of doing absolutely nothing during the day.

Ok...wow. The librarian just came in and shouted at someone for having gum. She seemed to appear out of nowhere...like she just suddenly sensed from miles away that someone in here had gum, and materialized out of nowhere. Sketchy.

Anyway, what I should be doing right now is starting my English paper. We have this assignment to read a "contemporary British Literature book" and write a paper exploring it's themes. It's due in rough draft form tomorrow. Unfortunately for me, I sort of forgot about the assignment, she gave it to us weeks ago, so not only have I not read a book, I have also not chosen a book, meaning I have a paper due tomorrow on a book I haven't read, know nothing about, and haven't even chosen.


What I think I'm going do though, is just write a paper of complete gibberish and gobbly gook for the rough draft, since I have to be in about three different places tonight, and write the paper over the weekend. She doesn't actually check the rough drafts, to see what they're about, she just walks around the room to make sure we all have one. That way, I'll have three days to read a book over the weekend, and I won't have to try and write a serious paper in the half and hour of free time I'm getting today. See how clever I am?

Of course, if I really was clever, I'd have chosen and read a book by now. Maybe I'll write about Harry Potter...that's contemporary and British. Hm...

Well, the librarian's just walked in and very pointedly told someone how to use something they already know how to use. Since that person's the one sitting next to me, I think it means she's onto me, and I should probably log off.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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