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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Chair Day

August 4, 2007. Exactly one year ago, in about...two hours, I did the singular act that would not only destroy a friendship and cause a whole day panic among several other friends, but which would shape the actions, or at least some of the action, of my life and year to come.

I moved a chair.

Yes, at the time I had no idea what this singular act would lead to, what madness was to follow. Indeed, I had thought I was being helpful. How utterly wrong I was.

Apparently, by moving that chair for my friend, who is now apparently no longer my friend, it was in turn signifying that I thought she was weak, that she needed special treatment, that my attitude towards her, not just in that particular moment but in life in general, was condescending and "ununderstanding" (which spell check has just confirmed is not actually a word) How was I to know that moving a chair so she'd have more room meant all that? I don't know. But I do know that doing that was the last, and final straw for my friend, who has not spoken to me since.
It has now been an entire year since the incident, and I am still the antithesis of evil. I swear, I know I shouldn't still be thinking about it, but it's difficult when you've gone a whole year having someone hate you this much (and I mean hate) and then suddenly find yourself one year later, and nothing's changed. Not a single day has gone by this year (and trust me, I'm being literal again) where I haven't thought about this at least once.

And now, one year later, what am I doing today? I'm getting killed by Nazi oppression in a gas chamber onstage in Haverill. There's an irony there, but I'm not entirely sure what it is.

In other news, my cousin Miriam can come with me camping!!!! I know many of you might not know who that is, or even care that she can come, but I know for a fact that she reads this blog, and I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY excited that she can come, so I thought I'd mention that. :D

And now, I think I'll go toast to camping, or chairs, or plays, or just something in celebration of the day. I've got twenty minutes till I have to go (thank you twenty) which is just enough time to pour myself something (non-alcoholic of course, I'm not there yet) and toast.

Happy Chair Day everyone, may you not move chairs and end friendships.



Amaya-Fire said...

I'm happy for you and the camping thing. *toasts to whatever day it is* :D

mrimk said...

Yes, Miriam does read this blog, and she is also REALLY REALLY REALLY excited that she can come camping in the Fingerlakes, place, and stuff, in NY. YEAH!