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Friday, June 01, 2007

Library Musings

So I'm sitting in the school library right now, supposedly doing my hisory homework, but in reality typing up a Blog entry. At the same time, I'm also aparently on wikipedia looking up Ronald Reagan, who, to be honest, was a bit too Republican for my tastes anyway so it makes perfect sense that I'm only pretending to look him up, and am in reality typing up a Blog entry. Don't tell anyone, the last time I did this, I forget to pretend I was doing something inportant, and got thrown out. If that happens this time, I'll let you know, not that you'll care, since you won't have this entry to know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, moving on.

I have no particular subject for this entry other than that I'm bored, in the library, connected to the internet, and sick of reading about Ronald Reagan. Did you know he was an actor? I really should see one of his films sometime, if only just to say I've seen one. For me, at least, it's impossible to think what kind of actor Ronald Reagan must have been, mainly because I've never known him as anything other than a political figure, and to me, acting and politics have always been two completely separate things. Though, thinking about it now, they're very similar. Politics is just a show, and the presidents and senetors merely players...or was that Shakespeare? I think I'll stop here, even if politics is like acting, it's probably never a good idea to mix it with Shakespeare.

There's still twenty minutes left of the period...the person next to me is looking up the definition for "reasonable doubt" which automatically makes me think of "12 Angry Men" which, if I'm remember correctly, I did in an eight grade English class, despite being not being a man. I played the Foreman, which meant most of my lines consisted of "Gentleman, please!" but it was fun anyway. There's a great movie adaption I got off the free movie section on On Demand a few months ago, stayed up till two in the morning watching it. I'd highly recommend it, if you like that kind of thing. And don't take that the wrong way, a lot of people I know wouldn't like it, it's basically just two and a half hours of twelve guys in a room talking. But it's really well acted talking...

Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, or is it anthing to about nothing? Or even still, is it much ado about nothing? But then, that's Shakespeare again, and we said we weren't going to get into him.

The librarian walked in a few minutes ago, and I quickly switched back to the wikipedia page I have up on Ronald Reagan. She watches the computer lab like a hawk, I swear, sculking around the different computers, checking the screens over people's shoulder's just waiting to find someone doing something non school related. I've often wondered why she does that, why she really cares what we're doing on the computer during study hall (or in my case, chorus) Is it really concern for the well being of the EHS student body, or is it, like the rest of us sitting in here, simply because she has nothing else to do. Personally, I think it's a bit of both, which would mean, she's not that much unlike the rest of us. We're all human, we're all concerned, and most certainly, we're all bored sometimes. There's nothing wrong with this, we're not bored all the time. Life is exciting on occasion, it's learning what to when it's not that's the main problem, and if that means wandering through a computer lab and yelling at unsuspecting students, then I suppose, not matter how annoying that might be, it's probably good to just let it happen.

The bell just rang, I'm off to lunch now. Hopefully that will be a bit more intersting than the library, but , who knows?

Hope you're not bored,


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