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Friday, June 22, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Well, I've just checked the date, which is unusual, since I usually don't care much during the summer, and discovered that not only is it Friday (the day before the first half of the Doctor Who series finale aires) but it also happens to be the day after the one year anniversary of this Blog.

Oops. Should have checked that.

So, looking back on my year, reading my Blog entries from last summer, you'd think my life was in a constant state of chaos and boredom. My first two or three entries aren't bad, talking about movies and TV shows I'd seen recently, sitting around the pool with my sister, that sort of thing. Then my Grandfather died. That was an entry. Looking back, it was most about crying, or rather my inability to cry. I still haven't cried, not yet. I still catch my self saying "We're going to Grammy and Poppa's" even though Poppa is gone. It's been nearly a year since that happened, clearly I haven't really been coping too well.

Then I talk about the flood, or what is now referred to in this part of the country as simply "The Hail Storm" As if my life wasn't chaotic enough at that point, I was nearly drowned in a hail storm, trapped in a flimsy colonial house during the worst weather event in several years! My mom had to get a new car because the hail dented her old one beyond repair. We're still recovering from that one. Sort of like my Grandfather.

Then I went to SYMS. Ah SYMS, the best and worst two weeks of my life. What I fail to mention in my entry about SYMS is that Emily, my then roomate and one of my best friends, effectively, emotionally crushed me. One of the last few days I was there, we were all sitting around a table at lunch and we decided to play cards. She said "Ok, but someone needs to move their chair, because everyone else has tons of room and I only have a little" so I, of course, stood to up to move a chair for her as she immediately went "No, don't, you don't have to" to which I responded jokingly with "Course I will, if I don't, I'll never hear the end of it" she then slammed her cards onto the table, shoved her chair back and didn't speak to me for the rest of the day. That afternoon, she disapeared, and I nearly killed myself with a few other people trying to find her. When I did, we were up till three in the morning talking it out, and I thought everything was fine. I didn't talk to her after we left SYMS till school started and there I discovered that she apparently now hates me, would like to see me dead, and hasn't spoken to me since.

So that was SYMS. I'm still feeling that one too. Every single day at school this year, and many more, she was there to glare at me, to shove things in my face, to remind me of how much I completely and utterly suck. You get used to it after a while, having someone hating you so completely being in the same building as you. I just wish I knew why. Again, I haven't really been dealing too well with that one either.

Next I talk about Prince Edward Island, Three Moons Over Milford, and the unfortunate loss of Sailor Pluto. I acutally got a comment on that one. I like comments. Comments are good. I don't get nearly enough of them. But that's ok, I can live with that.

And that's pretty much last summer. Events and occurances I'm still feeling today, some good, some bad, and some boring. Mostly though, last summer wasn't really the greatest. I lost my Grandfather, my friend, my composure, and my electricity. All in one month. A few things I also did, I got braces, had to go through two weeks of spacers only to miss my appointment during the hail storm so they had to take them off and put them back on again for two weeks a month later. Twice with spacers, real fun. I eventually did get braces, a tragety in itself. I spent the first month bored out of my mind, being forced to watch my sister in front of a pool which is what started this Blog in the first place. Then when things finally did pick up, they were mostly bad. Mostly.

All in all, I didn't really have a great summer last year. In fact, I was effectively scarred by it. I was so scared of last summer, so terrified that this one would be a repeat of the last, that for most of the school year, I was dreading the return of summer. As the temperature got warmer, I started getting tenser, I wanted December back desperately, and only barely cheered when the school year ended.

And so here I am. One year after I started this Blog. One year later, and where am I? Sitting in front of the same computer I was last year, biding my time till I have to go and watch my sister in the big, inflatable blue pool outside. There's a sort of irony here, Huck Finn type irony that I can't quite figure out at the moment. In a few hours I'll be back outside with Alice, getting splashed one while reading a Doctor Who novel, drinking a glass of lemonaid, and slowly developing a rather nice tan. After that, I think I might call Valerie and go for a walk. Not thinking about homework, or getting up, or anything else, that's where I am.

And you know what? It may be boring, it may not be stimulating, it may seem like it's the same as last year, but it's not. No one's died yet, no one's cried yet, no one's decided they hated me yet, and there definetely (thank God or whoever) hasn't been a hailstorm yet. The summer's still young, my Blog's a year old now, and I'm actually feeling fairly content. Maybe by the end of this season I might be ready to let all of last summer go, maybe I won't. But for now I'm here.

Happy Birthday Blog, have a peice of cake. Many happy returns.



1 comment:

Tim said...

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary.

That must have been an intense year. I hope your next one is a lot better.

Struggle is the essence of life they say, struggle makes us stronger they say. That seems rather irrelevant when we go through it though.

I hope you have a grand summer.

I bumped into your blog via one of your Who fics.

You're an excellent writer. It's really enjoyable to read your writing, it has such a clear flow. Including your blog.

You seem to really understand Doctor Who. Like you get it. You get the Doctor. So many people who love the show, still don't seem to quite get it.

The world is indeed very strange.