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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Game

You are now playing "The Game". You will be playing it every waking moment of your life (and unwaking, if you choose to be so dedicated) starting now. The rules are quite simple: every time you think of the game, you lose the game. Meaning that by thinking about it now, you are currently losing.

Got it? We all set? Ok, forget about the game, do not think about it at all...

The Game (You lose!)

That was just something I picked up during rehearsal one day. I've been playing and losing the game for weeks now (lost it three times in New York, got some strange looks when I suddenly burst out in "I LOST THE GAME!!!" in the middle of Broadway) Since my life is basically this play for the next two weeks, I figured I'd curse my readers with the game! HA! You just lost again.

Happy playing,


The Game. (You lose)

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