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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today You Die

So after years of attepted free websites, Deviant Art accounts, and other such failed endevours, I figured I'd start a Blog.

I'm sure you're all thrilled.

Anyway, this is my astounding Blog. Here I will share my opinions, reviews, stories, or whatever is currently happening to me. A little about myself: I am a New England high school student who has nothing better to do this summer then write useless things about everything. I am trying to find work this summer (unpaid of course) as a voice actor for radio dramas, and fan things. If you are a producer of these sorts of things, and are in desperate need of voices, contact me!

So yeah, this is what I will hopefully be doing over the summer. I've just spent three full days watching my seven year old sister jump in and out of a giant blue inflatable pool. Despite my repeated threats of "If you splash me you die" she continues to do just that. She claims it to be only an "accident" however I fail to see how following someone around and splashing them at least eight times in two minutes is an accident. If I have to do this one more day, I think I might throw myself dramatically into the sea in Cape Cod.

Of course first I'd have to get to Cape Cod, and unless I hijack the Hood Blimp, that doesn't seem very likely right now. Plus I already tried that, accidentally of course. I fell of a cliff in Cape Cod while on a trip leading girl scouts. It was a couple of weeks ago, maybe if you're really lucky, I'll tell you that story later.

Well now I'm just rambling. So I'd better go. Keep coming back. Maybe I'll post pictures. Maybe I won't. Who knows.

Oh, and speaking of Who, I'll just add now that I'm an obsessive Doctor Who fan! You'll probably here me rambling about that too. Be prepared.

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