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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kyle XY: A Review

So recently, meaning about four hours ago, I saw the premiere of the new ABC Family series, "Kyle XY"All and all, it was very good. I had planned to watch it after seeing numerous adds for it on ABC Family. The tagline is was got me hooked, "Who is Kyle XY?"I was too curious to not want to watch it.

Now I am a huge Doctor Who fan, Doctor Who is pretty much my life right now. One of the huge things about Doctor Who that intrigues me so much, is the mystery of it. Who is the Doctor? Who is Kyle XY? It's pretty much the same principle at work. Anyway, after so much obsessive watching of Doctor Who (a British show) I had pretty much lost my faith in American Sci-Fi shows. I really had no interest in watching anything else other then Doctor Who. But the tagline for Kyle XY was like a challenge. I couldn't not watch it.

The show was awsome. Of course, not much can ever really be said about a first episode of something, this was like watching a mini-movie. The plot was very well written. I especially enjoyed the voiceover by Kyle throughout the episode. Some of the acting was bad, an example being the brother (what was his name, he showed Kyle how to "shoot hoops") Althought that might have been due to the HORRIBLE lines he was given. Definetly not how your average 13+ boy talks.

Another issue I had was with the sister (God, why can't I remember anyone's name?) Her acting was good, but the situations she was in, and her character is just awful. She's such an annoying character! And her friend, that blond chick who only had like one line? Her one line was terrible. "Does he have digits?" Gag.

Aside from that though, it was very good. It was the story of a normal family told through eyes of a complete outsider. And the complete outsider...wow! Very good acting, very good characterization, and a great impersonation of a juvenile deliquint (sp?) wanting juice. I loved how Kyle touched every member of the family in a different way, and the whole belly button thing was kind of cool too I guess. But damn it, they never answered the question!! God my insesint (sp?) curiousity was most definetly NOT satisfied. I guess I'll have to keep watching!

9/10 Great show, not the best writing or acting (but only for certain characters)

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