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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summertime...Sweet Summertime....

Ah the summer! A time for relaxation. A time when the world seems more beautiful and alive. The sun is usually shining, the grass it typically green, and the sky is sometimes blue. The air around us is warmer, and some people overheat. But, as summer is a time for pleasure, the world has devised an incredible method of beathing that sometimes opressive summer heat. We call it, the pool.

Yes, the pool! I'm sure almost all of you out there in the world that might be reading this have been in one. That cool, soothing, liquidy wonderland that not only beats the summer heat, but is also fun and enjoyable. There are some people however, who abuse the wonders and privledges of the pool. A perfect example of this would be my dear sister.

If the wonders of the pool were based on devotion, she would have it made. My sister woke up this morning at 8:00 AM, and immedietly woke me up in full swimming atire. Now my parents have entrusted me with the awsome responsibility of looking after my dearest younger sibling. I alone am responsible for the safety and well being of my sister. This unfortunetly means that if she wants to go into the pool I have to go too. By the time I got myself up and dressed and had trudged out to the back yard to the pool, it was 8:30.

My sister stayed in that pool without coming out once untill 12:30. Four hours strait in a giant tub of freezing cold water. And damn it if I had to drag her out of that thing and force her inside to eat lunch. It took her about 10 minutes to eat, and ny 12:45 she was back in the pool. I sat there watching her splash around and bounce, and float in and on her tube. It was a very curious sight actually. She spent an incredibly amount of time doing exactly the same thing. Floating, swimming, jumping, it was all the same. Yet it seemed to keep her occupied until at least 5:00 when my mom finally came home and took over. I fled from that poolside so quickly it's not even funny. I still don't know how long she stayed in that pool, but I know she was still there at 7:00 when I looked out my window.

The whole thing wouldn't have been nearly as bad if she hadn't insisted on splashing me. I mean, sitting in one place in the hot sun for 8 and a half hours is bad enough. Add a seven year old who has a habit of splashing when you least want or expect it, and it's enough to drive anyone mad.

And so I part with this. I love summer time. It is a brilliant time of long, warm, lemonaide and iced tea filled days. If you ask me what my favorite season is, sure, I'll say summer. Just don't ask me to talk about poolsides.

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