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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Half-Hour Entry

Right, so I have a half an hour till I have to leave for work, and since I can't think of anything better to do apart from sit and listen to my sister and her friend talk about Hannah Montana, I decided to write a Blog entry.

Have you ever noticed how half my entries all seem to be written as I'm running out the the door?

Anyway, let's see, what's new with me...I, er, got a new Coldplay CD. Viva La Vida. It's cool, I still haven't listened to it enough to memorize all the words yet, like I did with the Keane CD I got for Christmas. They're sort of similar, actually, Keane and Coldplay, except I think Coldplay uses a bit more guitar than Keane (who doesn't use any) but for the most part, they've got this sort of cool...um, style-that-I-can't-quite-describe-at-eight-in-the-morning going on. (Seriously, this is why I'm not a music critic) There are a few songs with definite Beatles-influences, which is pretty cool, and the actual song "Viva La Vida" which I do, in fact, know all the words to because it's been on the radio all summer, and is a seriously awesome song.

I tried to get tickets to see their concert in Boston in October, but I couldn't. Darn.

Anyway, so that's cool. I went to Barnes and Noble's to get it, and had a fun conversation with the cashier.

Cashier: I'll take you down at the end.

Me: Are you, like, not allowed on any of the other registers, because you're always at the end, and there's like seven empty registers between you and the other cashier.

Cashier: They want me by the door.

Me: Oh.

Cashier: You know you're here like, every other day.

Me: Yeah, it's kind of sad.

Cashier: Not really, I'm here every day.

Me: You work here.

Cashier: True.

Me: At least I'm not like, off...er...

Cashier: Being a delinquent?

Me: Yeah, at least I'm hanging out in a bookstore instead of over by the movie theater smoking pot or something.

Cashier: Good point.

Me: So, see you in two days.

Cashier: I'll be here.

I then proceeded to walk away, get an iced tea, go home, go to work, and come back two days later to buy Amadeus on DVD. It was kind of inevitable, really, I mean I am there a lot, and who am I to back down on a promise like that? I'm not sure why, exactly, I'm in Barnes and Noble's every two days or so, it takes a lot of gas to get there, and half the time I don't actually buy anything. Usually I go looking for a new Doctor Who book or end up haunting the theater section for two hours, or hanging out in the Starbucks trying to figure out if I want a tall iced vanilla late, or a grande iced tea (I usually go with the tea, I'm not much of a coffee drinker) I did finally manage to master the art of ordering at a Starbucks, so if I feel like I haven't accomplished anything this summer, I now know I have.

Wow, I only have 15 minutes left. But that's not a big deal. I wrote a whole entry in 15 minutes once, and it was sweet. Well, no, actually it was kind of weird. But then, most of my entries are a bit weird, you know?

Anyway, school starts next week. Wendsday, actually, I'm ridiculously excited. I know I complain about school an awful lot here, really I complain about pretty much everything here, but I really, really utterly loath summer, so I can't wait for school to start. It's my senior year, this year, so it should be pretty cool as I'm actually taking classes I'm at least semi-interested in as opposed to forced to take. I only technically needed one semester of English to graduate, so I, of course, promptly took five. I also got out of having to take math, which means I finally had enough room to take Comparative Religions. I'm also taking Shakespeare, Science Fiction, Film As Literature, Psychology, Stagecraft, Advanced Spanish, and AP Literature and Composition. The AP class is my greatest fear at the moment, since I've only just started my AP homework, I hope I manage to get through it without dying or anything. That would be bad.

Oh, and I made it into Honor's Choir this year! So, hopefully, there won't be that long, endless stream of months about mid-February where I end up spending chorus in the library trying not to get caught Blogging by the librarians. I'll still probably have that problem, of course, since I was forced into keeping at least one period a semester open and I don't want to waste the gas driving home. Except more "Library Musings" entries as the year stretches onward.

Well, unfortunately, it looks like I should probably start getting ready to go to work. Josh, the other cashier, isn't here today, neither is Logan, our new cashier, so I'm completely on my own today up at the front on register for nine solid hours. Should be a blast. But you know, things are looking up. Tomorrow is my last Sunday, and after that, I'm leaving for Gorham for three days.


Life is good.

Adios amigos,



Anonymous said...

Can I just say that your upcoming classes kick my senior year classes' butt?

Anne's Busy Hands said...

Hey, there's no Barnes and Noble in Gorham... does that mean you have to substitute Borders?

Hope to see you on Monday. Great blog entry. BTW, I managed somehow to get through AP English, it was fun, and nobody knew I had ADD at the time. And I had to wait till college to take an exclusive Shakespeare class. You kids today, don't know how good ya got it!

Auntie Anne