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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

23 Questions

So, while wandering around the internet tonight, since I had nothing else to do due to the snow and the cancellation of two rehearsals in one day, I found this:


23 questions for prospective Bloggers, questions you're supposed to ask yourself before you register with Blogger and start up a Blog. Oops. Anyway, though I technically missed that step in the "Get a Blog Process" I figured, why not ask myself these questions now? If I still had the choice, would I get a Blog? Let's find out.

Do you enjoy writing? I do, actually, enjoy writing. I'm not a serious writer, I don't write because it's my passion, I mainly write because I'm bored. For me, writing is basically something to keep my mind occupied, I love to do it, it's a fun, challenging way to pass time, but that's all it really is for me. I have a cousin, Miriam, who is a very serious writer, wants to be a writer someday, and though both of us write, it's easy to tell which one of us has a passion for it, and which one of us just sort of...does it. Needless to say, she's a much better writer then I could ever hope to be, and will most likely go on to enjoy massive amounts of success in the literary world, her writing is amazing.

What’s your Message? Um...sometimes life is really boring, but you've got to live through it to enjoy the really fun stuff? Life's a show, when you've got downtime, it sucks, but once opening night comes it's a blast? I don't know. I don't really think I have a message. Again, I only created this Blog because I was bored...

Are you a good communicator? I don't know. I can communicate, that's sort of a given for someone who regularly stands on stage in front of people reciting sequences of lines, but do I do it well? I don't know. What do you think?

Are you better at writing or speaking? Probably speaking. I do it a lot more, and though my written work isn't too bad, and I'm a lot more passionate about speaking than I am about writing. I do tend to go off on long, complicated tangents when speaking, which doesn't really come off as being particuarly skilled, but then I seem to do that while writing too, so I can't be doing too badly...maybe.

Do you want to be the central voice on your website? I’m sort of the only voice on my website, if it’s a Blog. It’s not like anyone else ever posts on here…

Are you a self starter? As in, do I have the initiative to start things on my own? Sometimes. If it’s free, and I don’t need a ride, then chances are, I’ll go and do it without much consultation from anyone. But, if there are reasons for me to have to ask for assistance or reassurance then I’ll ask.

Are you disciplined? Um…sort of. I generally know what the rules are, and for the most part I stay with the boundaries of said rules. I’m a bit…out there, in that I’m very liberal with the rules, most of the time. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I’m not strict, if that’s what this means, I’m not like “The Enforcer” and though I do follow the rules, I do firmly believe that sometimes you have to break them. Rules aren’t everything, they’re important, but they’re not everything.

Do you have time? Of course not, I never have time. But when I do, I go nearly insane with boredom, hence my getting this Blog.

Are you thick skinned? To a certain extent. When I was in middle school, I had very thin skin, I was ridiculously over-sensitive, and would generally wear my feelings on my face for everyone to see. Now, I’m a bit better at hiding things. I’ve always been very hard to offend, but now I’m fairly good at just standing there and taking things. Unless it’s with my parents, but that’s a completely different story, one that every parent and teenager can probably relate to.

Are you willing to be in the public spotlight? Hm…let’s see. I regularly stand on lit stages in front of lots and lots of people, often making a complete and utter fool of myself, and generally enjoy doing so. You could say I’m willing. However, I would hardly call this Blog “in the public spotlight” as at most I have about 30 readers, and most of them probably have no idea what this is or why they’re reading it. Same goes for theater, really, I’m rarely in the “spotlight” and the few times I have been have been, though a lot of fun, utterly and completely terrifying.

Do you have any technical ability? Not really. I can work the internet fairly well, I use Firefox instead of IE, I have a wireless connection I know to fix when it’s broken, and can use iTunes. I’m also fairly decent at Photoshop, in that, I know how it works and generally know what all the different buttons mean. I’ve just gotten a new laptop, so I’m still trying to figure out the technical aspects of it. With my old laptop, Lazarus, my tech support basically consisted of me turning it off, counting to five, hitting the screen, turning it on, and hitting the screen again. Somehow, I don’t think that quite works with my current laptop, though I’ll admit, I haven’t tried.

Do you take yourself too Seriously? God no. I’m a rambling, over-emotional, over-dramatic, wanna-be actor teenager, and I’m well aware of it. I don’t have the answers to the questions of life, I can’t save the world, I’m not a genius, I’m not brilliant, I’m not God or whoever’s gift to the Arts, I’m just a teenage girl sitting at her laptop in the middle of the night writing whatever happens to pop into her head. I get bored, I flip out over guys, I’m OBSESSED with Doctor Who and David Tennant, there’s really not much that actually is serious about me. I’m here to pass time, if I get a few laughs or say something insightful, then sweet.

Do you have a blend of humility and Ego? I’m constantly catching myself saying vain and egotistical type things, my worst nightmare is being a prima donna, which is sad, because I think I kind of am. It’s a trait I have that I really, really despise, and am desperate to get rid of. I monopolize conversations, I’m constantly talking about myself, I brag, I’m basically a very egotistical person, but I really wish I wasn’t. I really, really wish I wasn’t.

Are you willing to learn? Yeah. I generally like learning, new things are interesting, and learning from other people is especially fun because I love interacting with people. There are some things, granted, I might not be so willing to learn because I’m stubborn, and as I’ve just pointed out, very egotistical. But for the most part, I’m very willing to learn, teach me.

Do you enjoy reading? Oh yes. I love reading, I love books, I love literature, I love basically anything written…except maybe poetry, but there’s a lot of poetry I’ve discovered I like so I guess that’s alright to. My two favorite books at the moment are probably Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams, and The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, though I’m also a big fan of The Giver (which I’ve read eight times) by Louis Lowery, and of course, almost anything and everything Shakespeare.

Are you an organized person? Heh. This is funny. Organization? What is this concept of which you speak? I know it not. I’m probably the least organized person on the planet, my life is in a constant state of complete chaos, I look disorganized in appearance (I’m usually wearing several layers, none of which match or are put on properly, and my hair’s a wreck) and my teachers have all just come to the conclusion that no amount of badgering or detention will make my binder any cleaner. On a side note, I have recently purchased an agenda book, so at least I know what my homework is, but I’ve apparently been doing it wrong as I still miss the odd homework assignment. Go figure.

Are you a Social person? Yes. I’m one of those people in need of nearly constant social interaction to survive. I do spend an awful lot of time hidden in my room at home, because I am a teenager and that’s what we do, but you’ll also often see me come randomly downstairs to say hello for no particular reason. I like people, I like talking to people, when I have to drive somewhere for more than a half an hour, I’ll generally try to find someone to come with me, so I’ll have someone to talk to. I’d make a terrible hermit; I’d probably go insane.

Do you enjoy ‘virtual relationships?’ Well…do I enjoy them? Yes. I enjoy most relationships, because it’s all social interaction in the end. Am I any good at them? Not at all. I’m terrible at virtual relationships, I’m extremely bad at responding to e-mails, I hate instant messenger with an utter passion, and generally prefer to talk to someone face to face than to speak with them over the computer. To anyone who has ever e-mailed, IM-ed or otherwise tried to get into some form of virtual contact with me, I do apologize. I have no excuse.

Are you a creative person? I had a friend once (who, ironically, now hates me with an unbridled passion) who told me I was “overly-creative” in that I have really random, somewhat out there ideas, but they come too fast for me to keep up with so I never actually do anything with them. I’m not entirely sure how true this is, but it’s all I’ve really got in response.

Do you have Stick-ability? It depends. Sometimes, no. There are times I’m very bad at sticking with things, it took me till middle school to finally gain the ability to keep a diary, an ability I promptly lost the second I entered high school for some reason (though I have tried) I have several files on my computer containing the very beginning of some big piece of writing or something, but that I almost always fail to finish. However, there are some things I’m very good at sticking with. I’ve only ever quit a play once, because I failed math, and no matter how miserable I may be or how much I may decide I hate the play, I’ll always stick with it till the end. All logic says I should have abandoned this Blog about two years ago, but here I am, nearly a year and a half later, and I still update every two weeks or so. Go figure.

Are you Consistent? Relatively. At the beginning, I kind of thought I’d use the Blog for posting stories and reviews along with my personal thoughts and ramblings, but after a while, I realized that I got more feedback from my “thoughts and ramblings” entries and had a lot more fun writing them then with my review entries. So I stuck to just that.

Are you honest and transparent? I think so. I try to be as honest as possible here, if I say I was happy or sad or disheartened, then I generally was happy, sad or disheartened. When I’m using dialogue, like if I’m telling a story about someone who I don’t really know very well, sometimes I’ll change what they said a bit so it doesn’t reveal too much about them or who they are, but other then that, I generally write things as-is. I don’t think I’ve ever lied here…I think…

Are you willing to work hard? Depends on the work. If hard works means “dragging something very heavy an extremely long distance and having your arms ache for two days afterwards,” then no, probably not, if I can get away with it. If hard work means, “making sure you update your Blog every few weeks or so and trying not to have too many spelling mistakes,” then yes, sure. Why not?


Poor Ophelia said...

Maybe I should have done these before I started a blog, too, eh?
Cuz...mine's boring and barely updated.
And speaking of crappy at virtual relationships...you should really e-mail. I sorta need all the friends I can get at this moment.I almost NEED to talk to you. E-mail me, Nelly?


Anonymous said...

1. Gaw thanks. Your writing is excellent in a sort of, relaxed, unstrained way. Some write better when they just let it happen.
2. Glad you liked "The Time Traveler's Wife." I've been on a confusing Kurt Vonnegut reading spree. Although, currently, I'm reading Barack Obama's book.
3. I think you do have an overwhelming creativity flow, although, not out of control. I get that feeling frequently.
4. Yeah.

Amaya-Fire said...

I felt the need to comment. Hello.