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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stupid Muses

I have lost the ability to write.

I'm currently suffering what it quite possible the worst writer's block I've ever experienced. I'm only nine pages into a Radio play I promised to write for my friends, and I'm stuck, I can't finish a prompt, I can't write the next chapter to a story I'm supposed to continue, I can't even write down my thoughts properly in a blog without a significant amount of effort.

The Ancient Greeks believed in muses, goddesses that would provide inspiration, and were the source of a writer's story, a musician's music, an artist's artwork, and so on. Great poets and other famous artsy type people would consistently call upon them in their work.

Now, I don't really consider myself to be a great poet, or a great writer, or certainly a great musician (last chair, third trumpet freshman year) so basically, what I have to ask the muses, or really, anyone who's listening:

What the hell is wrong with me?!

Well...ok, maybe not that, entirely. There's nothing hugely wrong with me other than the whole writer's block thing, which isn't really a big deal except that I can't finish that chapter, and I'm bored since I can't write anything. Maybe I'll go draw something, that'll be a laugh.

Cheers all,



Poor Ophelia said...

Don't worry. Take your time. Our gits in writing comes from God...pray about it. Surround yourself with unique art and music. Study some history. Hang out with friends. Soak up everything. Eventually it'll come dear. Just gotta beleive it and keep writing, even if you think its nothing. You can't fall out of practice.

Take luck.


Amaya-Fire said...

Don't worry, I happens to me too. Oh and Ann says "Hi".