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Friday, November 24, 2006

Where In The World Is Nelly The Blogger?

Hello all! I'm back! I realize of course, that I haven't written since October, but I have an excuse!

My life has been as boring as hell.

Yes, ever since Haunted Acres ended, absolutly nothing has happened to me. An entire month with no activity short of babysitting and having my iPod stolen, (don't worry I got a new one) November wasn't really a month worth retelling. I tried several times to write a good blog entry during the month, but nothing seemed to come to me. I suppose I thrive on interesting things happening to me, and when nothing does it's just not worth talking about. I figure now that it's December, when I'm usually as busy as hell as opposed to as bored as hell, there'll be plenty of things to rant about on here.

My first order of buisness after returning from the dead, is to announce that I'm leaving again. But this time I'm only going for the weekend. To celebrate Thanksgiving (and because Miss Holly said so) my family is going to New York City to see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular with my sister's dance school. My sister goes to Holly Jane Dance Center, the very same dance school I attended for ten years before leaving to pursue a carrer in drama and bloging. The drama thing's gone well...not too sure about the bloging. I'll let you figure that out. The point is though, that starting tomorrow, I'm going to be in New York. So don't expect any entries. My computer is here, not in New York.

My second order of buisness is to announce that I, Nelly, have gotten into the Palace Theater's annual production of "A Christmas Carol"!! Ok, you can stop aplauding, I was in it last year too. In fact, I played the exact same part last year too, Londener. I was suppose to get a chance to actually dance this year in the opening number, but since all teen girls have to be paired with a guy and all the teen guys are shorter then me, I'm left standing still...just like last year. Oh holy night.

On the bright side though, I get to be a Soprano this year, unlike last year where I was mysteriously made an Alto even though I'm naturally a Soprano. Honestly, I think they should just make me a tenor one year, just to screw everything up. So that's my life right now. Charles Dickens England. Oh well, at least it's not Haunted Acres. ANYTHING is better then Haunted Acres.

Oh, and for all those people out there who are mad that the world is constantly forgetting about Thanksgiving in favor of Christmas, here's a song for you. Enjoy:

(To the tune of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas")

Have yourself a merry Thanksgiving
Let yourself eat pie
Even though you're on a diet
You've broken it, don't lie

Have yourself a merry Thanksgiving
You do remember what that is?
It's that little holiday that comes
Before Christmas

Here we are
In the department store
There's a wreath on the door, oh why?
Don't they know?
It's still November
Don't they remember?

Through the years we allways keep forgetting
Poor Thanksgiving day
From now on
You forgetters are going to pay
So have yourself a merry Thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving All,



MathQueen said...

BAH! HUMBUH! I mean bug.

Amaya-Fire said...

A fun way to annoy her is to sing that Thanksgiving song she wrote with the wrong tune.