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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Blair Nelly Project

So personally, I think that witches need a bit of respect. While I've never met the Blair Witch, the Bell Witch, the Wicked Witch or the White Witch, I'm fairly sure they're not as bad as everyone thinks they are.

It's almost politically incorrect, my job. I hide in the shadows out in the woods of the New England Dragway, my face is green, I'm wearing a black dress with a black cape and black pointed hat and across the path from me is a couldren with green smoke seeping out of it. Once people come up the path, I jump out and chase them, screaming and cackling. It I were a real witch I would be offended.

When people come through my scene at Haunted Acres, they think one of two things a.) Dude look at that couldren, I hope it's alchohol they're brewing, or b.) This totally the Blair Witch. Once I pop out at them they either, scream, laugh, pat themselves on the back for figuring out that the Blair Witch is here, or think I'm a vampire.

First of all, I AM NOT A VAMPIRE!!! I don't know were people are getting this from. I mean, there's a smoking couldren right next to where they're standing, I'm clearly dressed up as a witch, I've got a black pointed hat on, and my face is green. Still, when people come through and I sneakily follow them down the path, they half the time still insist, "Hey...that vampire lady's still following us..." AHHHH!!!!! If you're going to bee a smart alec and refuse to at least pretend you're scared, at least make fun of me with the right name!! Vampire...grr...

Anyway, I may not be a vampire, but I'm perfectly fine with being called the Blair Witch. In fact, I think I was hired to be the Blair Witch anyway. I've never seen The Blair Witch Project (I've seen the thumb-spoof The Blair Thumb) nor do I have any intenstion of ever seeing it, but being given the title of "Blair Witch" is still quite an honor.

I just got a call from the Haunted Acres people. Looks like it's not going to matter what exactly I'm playing tonight since they've just shut down the Nightmare Walk. Severe rains up here in New Hampshire, maybe even becoming snow. I know I'm making a lot of money doing this, and I've just written an entire entry about how much I like having the "Blair Witch" title, but after hearing this news, I have but one thing to say:


*Ahem* Well, now that that's settled, I think I'm going to go use my free Saturday to do something a bit more productive then ranting to unsuspecting Blog readers. Which, by the way, I have five of now! Five whole readers! Yes!

So I guess I'll sign off here. Nothing else worth mentioning has happened in my life since my last entry. Haunted Acres pretty has been my life for the past month. Thank God October's almost over. Bring on November!!

Oh, I watched Torchwood the other day, that Doctor Who spin-off from Wales. It was really good. I'll post a full review at some point, when I don't have better things to be doing.

Forever Yours (or something),



Amaya-Fire said...

As for most of her friends they think "Oh god, Nelly will save us!!!!!" :D

Alice said...

Well gee, Nelly, when you jump out of the shadows SCREAMING and CACKLING, do you expect them to laugh?