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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Quick Note...

I don't really have time for a full entry, expect something more later. But for the moment...

Doctor Who.

Sting rays.


I would have posted a picture, but I honestly couldn't make it through the first page on Google Image Search. I hate stingrays. I've always hated stingrays. I will never like stingrays, and nothing can ever change that. The fact that they showed up on my favorite show as deadly, flying aliens with giant razor sharp teeth that could devour you in seconds is not helping the fact that I hate/loath/am-utterly-terrified-of anything resembling a stingray.


Just so you know, I will be having nightmares about this. Seriously, whatever happened to the days when Doctor Who aliens were just guys running around in poorly made rubber suits?

*shutters again* I hate stingrays. I just needed to say that.

See ya,


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