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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Exams Are Eating My Soul

Oh my Gosh, I'm actually updating! I'd say to cue the Hallelujah Chorus, except that I did update shortly after Christmas which was about...three weeks ago. Not bad considering the month you had to wait for me to update in October/November. As always however, I have an excuse. Several actually, a list if you will. I'll try not to bore you.

Excuse #1: Whoville. Yes, that's right Whoville. Might not sound like a good excuse but believe me it is so is. Seussical the Musical at the Palace Theater is what I'm currently rehearsing at the moment, since I'm sure you LOVE hearing about my struggles as an actor. I'm in the ensemble again, but it's a very good ensemble full of lots of costume changes and complex dancing. I may not sound particularly enthusiastic about it but trust me I am. My lack of enthusiasm will be explained later, I promise. Anyway, the show's on Valentine's Day over in Manchester New Hampshire if anyone's in the area. Check it out, it's a good show!

Excuse #2: Doctor Who. Is there ever a time when this isn't taking over my life? Two things, drama and Doctor Who, that's my life right there in two words. Love it. Anyway, my life has been taken up by Doctor Who, everyone's favorite British sci-fi show. I've been writing a lot of fanfiction for it lately (had a lot of downtime during Christmas) which is why I've been too busy to post here. I've written two episodes for Outpost Gallifrey's Series Three (Since fanfic writers there are, like me, both bored and impatient waiting for the next series to air) and have written several stand alone stories as well. Maybe, if you're lucky and/or on the the verge of death, I might post them here. Anyway, Doctor Who is excuse number two, don't like it, go be converted into a Cyberman.

Excuse #3: Exams. Ah yes, we finally get to the reason this entry seems so sarcastic and emotionless. Midterm exams. Love them. Just, love them. Today was my first day of exams and I am now completely exhausted despite only having had two. Geometry can take a lot out of you if you let it and my GOD did I let it. The test themselves aren't so bad, it's the days and weeks leading up to them. I remember being a freshman and doing these...maybe I don't want to remember that...gah....

So there it is. That's what's up in my life right now. At some point when I'm no longer being plauged by review-happy high school teachers and the music from Doomsday I might actually go back to writing something interesting for this blog. The top does promise rants, reviews, and stories. Maybe I'll write a story. At the moment I think I'm going to go glance at my Spanish notes, make some tea and watch some Doctor Who before going to bed. After all, in the words of my favorite TV itself, "Tea. The solution to everything." (Rose Tyler, The Christmas Invasion)

Estoy muy triste...


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